Costa Rica's Pensionado Program is the most generous and appealing program of retirement benefits you'll find anywhere in the world today.

And no matter which attractive resident visa you choose when you move to Costa Rica, you can qualify for Pensionado Program .

Midwest Relocation Specialists will reveal the details of all of Costa Rica's attractive visa options and living options. We will address all the legal issues you'll want to know about, including the in's and out's of buying real estate, importing your household goods, estate taxes, corporations and family trusts, and much more. And we'll explain the many benefits of and how to qualify for the valuable Pensionado Program.

As a pensionado in Costa Rica, you're entitled to special residency, medical, dental, and many more "perks".

In Costa Rica you can have it all: a cosmopolitan capital city with one of the world's largest financial districts...hundreds of miles of spectacular beaches...highland retreats with green valley's where the weather is spring-like, even in January and August...and there are never any hurricanes.

Don't put off your dreams of a better, less-stressful (and lower cost) life any longer...

Join Midwest Relocation Specialists to discover everything you need to know about Costa Rica to help you decide if it's your ideal retirement or relocation destination...

Come away with the knowledge and expert contacts necessary to make your move happen with confidence.

Midwest Relocation Services has been sharing information about all that Costa Rica has to offer. As quality of life deteriorates elsewhere in the world, Costa Rica just looks better and better.

The AARP says Costa Rica is a "smart choice for retirees who want it all."

Nowhere else can you enjoy such a comfortable life...with a year-round mild tropical climate, excellent medical care, fresh, healthy food straight from the farmer's truck...and a retirement incentive program that's truly welcoming of expats...

Costa Rica is one of the world's most popular retirement destinations. There are so many more reasons it meets all the criteria on most anyone's “ perfect overseas lifestyle” checklist:

  • Close to the U.S. (just a 3- hour flight from Miami)
  • Politically stable and business friendly
  • Mild weather, with a climate for everyone, from tropical beaches to temperate mountains
  • Top-quality healthcare—is affiliated with Baylor University Medical
  • No income taxes on foreign-earned income
  • Importantly… current property taxes to about half as much (typically just an incredibly low .5% of the value of the home). And you can still get tax exemptions on some properties constructed in the last 20 years.

Plus, there are many things that are unique to Costa Rica that you may not be aware of:
The Washington Post says: "With all of its benefits and active expatriate community, Costa Rica is among the most affordable and appealing options for retirees.
  • The U.S. dollar is – widely accepted currency—no confusing conversions to deal with
  • You can drink the tap water almost anywhere
  • There's a built-in community of helpful English-speaking locals and expats, and…
  • It's very affordable—a couple can live comfortably on the typical Social Security income. The average monthly budget for a couple in Panama is just $1,300 a month or even less, especially if you own your own home. I'll explain more in a moment about how inexpensive it can be to live really well in Costa Rica.

No Matter Which Visa You Choose, the Pensionado Program Will Save You Money
In Costa Rica you are eligible for Pensionado Program discounts no matter what resident visa you have.
What About Real Estate Costs?“If you know where to look you can find a killer deal.”
How Much Does It Cost to Rent in Costa Rica?
Average rental prices in Panama City's nicer areas tend to range from $400 to $1,400, but a little legwork can yield some bargain results. And outside the cities… in up-and-coming coastal areas or suburban villages, you can find rentals for half as much.
Prices have leveled off and are particularly attractive in certain pockets of the country. If you've been on the fence about buying in Costa Rica, now's the time to take a look.

"Costa Rica is one of the best locations in Latin America for re-location, retirement or a vacation home. It's safe, stable, business-friendly and welcoming to foreigners…who have basically the same property rights as locals.

“There are properties to suit most tastes and budgets, whether you want a home or a condo, a beach pad or a mountain hideaway. And, if you know where to look…you can find a killer deal that will throw off fat capital gains and decent rental returns.”

Ask Midwest Relocation Specialists and check out the bargains in exciting, cosmopolitan Costa Rica:
Prefer to live outside San Jose, where your overall cost of living can be much lower? That's where the real property values can be found.
Beach living more your style? You, too, will be happy in Costa Rica:
Liberia, Playes Del Coco, Hermosa, Ocotal on and on!

What are the challenges to life in Costa Rica?

Thankfully, they're few, but there are some:
  • You'll need a bit of Spanish, but don't worry, the “basics” are enough. You'll almost always find a helpful English speaker nearby. Besides, learning Spanish can be fun…and is proven to keep your brain young.
  • Outside the major cities, healthcare facilities can be limited—but that's true in the U.S. and Canada, too. This is a reason to choose your community wisely. We'll offer plenty of input to help you pinpoint the “just right” place for you.
  • If you need to work, you'll find salaries are considerably less than you may be used to. Remember, lower labor costs contribute to the overall low cost of living.
  • It is peaceful and relaxing ……. no stress. For some people ……this is very new.

Most everything...especially services...cost far less than you're used to. That's because the minimum wage in Costa Rica is low and employers and workers don't have to contend with onerous taxes, insurance, and other fees slapped on everything they do.

So getting just about anything done in Costa Rica is very affordable. Having an electrician or plumber come to your house to fix an appliance, for example, typically costs just $20 to $40.

Even the lowest budget affords a very good lifestyle. For instance, you can splurge on a day of beauty at any number of salons. You'll likely pay just $20 for a blow-out and mani-pedi.

Best of all, you can afford to pay someone to do the chores you may not be too fond of. A housekeeper typically costs just $20 a day. A gardener may charge you $30 for a day's work.

What about health insurance? Retirees who would be paying $1,250 a month or more-$15,000 a year-in the U.S. for health insurance with a high deductible say that in Costa Rica, they're paying, on average, $2,640 a year for coverage-and that's with a deductible of just $250 a year. That's a substantial savings .
More time and more money to spend as you taxes on your foreign income, no inflated healthcare costs, no more worries about outliving your retirement nest egg.

You May Be Able to Retire Earlier Than You Think...

A move to Costa Rica allows people to retire EARLIER period!

There is plenty to do here. There is fishing, hiking, yoga, surfing, swimming and much more, ALL year long. There are good restaurants. There's a real sense of community in Costa Rica.

You may even find you'll be able to retire earlier than you ever thought possible.

Costa Rica is Likely Safer Than Where You Live Now.

"I live alone and have found Costa Rica is extremely safe. I don't think I could find this sense of community in the U.S. as a single woman."

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